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Amazon does an Apple. Launches Kindle!!

What have we got here……..Let me try to foresee:

1. Kindle used at schools – No book load for Indian kids. In India, we have been very much concerned about the book load kids carry. Now, they can pack all their books in Kindle
2. With a little bit of innovation, even writing books part of future Kindle. Eliminate notepads and small writing pads at office with Kindle Nano.

3. Save paper. Save trees wih more Kindle………that should kindle environment enthusiasts and companies vying for ISO 14001

Letz see what time has in store for Kindle like products. Amazon……welcome to the world of innovation!!



Linux and Windows: Brothers in arms – No kidding!!

Wow this is the news! Microsoft and Novell announced their partnership today. From initial news it looks like this agreement aims at making applications inter-operable ie. make it work equally well on Linux as well as Windows.

It is still too early to say who could be at advantage here with this deal. Microsoft or Novell? Windows or Linux?

Microsoft has killer Office applications. If this deal turns out in such a way that these applications, though closed are made available on Linux, it could mean a huge gain for Microsoft in short term on the applications front. Linux OS might gain in terms of gaining people who would turn away from it just because they could not use a killer application. But, I am curious about what would happen to many of the opensource applications that exist as replacements? Will they be able to compete on back of community support?

On the other hand, if opensource applications gain access to supporting Microsoft application’s closed formats better, it could mean a significant gain for the opensource community.

What’s in store for the future?

More on the deal:

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