‘Book’ed in May

‘Book’ed in May

Inspired by a good book collection my cousin had, and ofcourse, enthused by the freizeit that I have been enjoying in the last few days, I have started my good old habit of reading books. Thought it would be a good idea to blog about how these books influenced me. Let me begin with details of what I booked (books read) in May 2007. Hope I would have a ‘booked’ entry for each month from now on.

Book: Atlas Shrugged
Author: Ayn Rand

Until my college days, my ideologies were leaning more towards socialism and had felt that it was the duty and moral responsibility of one individual to share the burden of the other. Over a period of time, I realized that socialism would take us nowhere and just result in a nation with lazy bunch of people. Socialism would inhibit even an iota of willingness to succeed in our people. For example, if you let your friend copy and pass the exam, your friend would never try to learn on its own, depending on you every time to pass the exam.

This book reinforced my faith in capitalism. In my opinion, governments’ role is just to ensure a level playing field. I still remember the gist of Vivek Paul’s comment during one of the “Walk the Talk” shows: “When government relaxes its unnecessary restrictions and leaves the fields in which its presence is not necessary, the country would prosper in those fields just as a farming land prospers when famine leaves it.” Governments’ role is to ensure that talented people get the opportunity without any restrictions or reservations and thereby grow and hence, help in the growth of the nation.

In simple words, “If you can’t do something, then just leave it for other capable people to do”


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