Google and Netvibes – My theory

Since Google bought YouTube , theories like The Digg Buyout Theory are floating around, envisaging different buyout strategies that could position Google a leader in Web2.0 apps.

So, thought, I would putforth my theory as well. Since the day I started using Netvibes, got fascinated and hooked on to online desktop idea. I can see any new mails in my gmail account, check for any feeds that I had subscribed to, chat with my friends using meebo tab, all from one place.

Google also looks to try and build its own online desktop; but it is nowhere close to what Netvibes offers. The pace at which Netvibes has added features and number of users is impressive. So my theory – Google which wants to make a mark in desktop (future is online desktop) would benefit greatly by buying Netvibes. There have been few thoughts that Netvibes might fit well with Yahoo. But, here are some of my points as to why would Google be a better suitor than Yahoo.

1. Netvibes already supports mail plugin for gmail. It also provides one for Yahoo, but, since pop access in Yahoo is limited to premium users would imagine only a small crowd uses it for yahoo.
2. Netvibes already supports writely. Advantage Google here.
3. Netvibes has plugin for flickr. Google may want to have one for picasaweb soon.
4. Netvibes has a video search plugin for both Google and YouTube videos.
5. How about a plugin for orkut dominating rather than the one for MySpace?

Imagine Google getting all its users under one roof using a powerful online desktop!!

Kudos and brickbats welcome.


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